As Hirricane Irma raged, thieves sledgehammered their way into Little River businesses

A television missing from a wall at the Junctions Loft in Little River after thieves broke in Sunday night during Hurricane Irma. Junction LoftsBY CHARLES RABIN AND DAVID SMILEY
SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 2:14 PM

It looked as if Hurricane Irma’s powerful winds had swirled through the 14 businesses that occupy the Junction Lofts building in Miami’s Little River district. File cabinets were overturned. Pictures were ripped off walls. Papers were strewn about.

Except it wasn’t Irma’s howling winds that tore through the building Sunday night as the storm made its way through South Florida: It was thieves armed with a sledgehammer powerful enough to tear through metal doors that were supposed to keep the building safe from hurricane-force winds.

Stuart Jordan, who owns Edge Orthopedics in the Junction Lofts, said once inside the thieves stole everything they could, then decided to make a mess of it.

Over 50 arrested for looting in Miami during Irma

“There’s a special place in hell for people like that,” he said.

Joy Fowler works for the building’s landlord Steven Karvellas. She said as soon as it got dark out, the thieves smashed their way into the building at 7151 NE Second Ave., and wiped out each business.

“The tenants are mortified,” she said.

Fowler said Miami police had already seen the damage at 7151 NE Second Ave., and that the tenants were contacting insurance adjustors. She also said the company that owned the building would now hire a security company to protect it.



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