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Here’s what protesters did in St. Louis after cop was acquitted in shooting death of black man

Why can't we all act like civilized people? All rioting does is ruin local businesses and negatively impact their local economy. You have a right to be angry and express anger. You do NOT have a right to inflict bodily harm, or commit any crimes due to your anger or frustration. Freedom of speech and expression is American, committing violent acts claiming amendment rights that violates another's is a crime. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE.

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Cassini 13 year trip

For 13 years, the orbiter has been sending back to Earth images of its extraordinary discoveries at Saturn. It has documented the possible birth of a moon, tasted an extra-terrestrial ocean and watched as a giant storm encircled the entire planet. Linda Spilker will be there to wave it off. “For me, when I first started working on Cassini in […]

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China’s cliff-climbing ‘spiderwoman’

A traditional practice – where fearless climbers scale sheer cliff faces – reflects change in China. By Christopher Cherry 15 September 2017 Luo Dengping goes by another name: China’s spiderwoman. She has earned the moniker by scaling the towering cliffs of Guizhou province – with no harness or ropes – a traditional practice of the Miao minority group dating back […]

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