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Could Catalonia make a success of independence?

Amid speculation that the Catalan parliament might unilaterally declare independence, some of the region’s banks decided to move their legal headquarters to other parts of Spain. Meanwhile, the government in Madrid says any such declaration would have no effect. But supposing the region did eventually secede, would Catalonia be able to stand on its own two feet? Trappings of statehood […]

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No Sweat: Small Doses is Exercise May Ward Off Depression

By Jasmin Malik Chua,  Anyone who has experienced the euphoric “runner’s high” that follows a satisfying workout will likely attest to a connection between physical activity and mental health. Studies have long borne this theory out: Endorphins, the opiate-like chemicals that flood the brain after intense or sustained exercise, appear to act as a buffer against depressive thoughts and feelings. […]

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